Affordable Heating

About Us

Affordable Heating employs registered and approved engineers from all over the country to ensure that your heating installation can be done quickly after we receive your order.

The engineers we trust and approve of are called Affordable Installers. They do their best to do a good job, keep your home clean, and make sure you understand how your heating system works and the heating controls.

Why Choose Affordable Installers?

Net Zero Emissions

We're dedicated to helping our customers achieve Net Zero Emissions. By installing efficient systems, we can help them save money and reduce their environmental impact.

Heating Experts

All of our engineers are experienced in dealing with heating issues. So whether you're having trouble with your boiler or your Air Source Heat Pump , we can help.

Installation Guarantee

We provide an insurance-backed guarantee with all installations. This means that in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, our team will be on hand to put things right.

Affordable Installation

Our installation services are always compliant with the latest industry standards. Plus, we offer competitive pricing that makes our services affordable for everyone.

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