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Solar Panels With Battery Storage

Affordable Heating can cut your annual energy bills by up to 80% by providing you with the best Solar panels with battery storage Glasgow. We only sell high-quality equipment with dependable warranties from reputable manufacturers. So, choose us. We have complete access to the renewable energy market

Install Solar Panels With Battery Storage Systems

At Affordable Heating, we offer the best solar panels with battery storage cost UK. A solar battery storage system can store any extra energy, so you may use it when you need it most if you want to take your energy-saving solutions one step further.

Each solar energy storage system meets the average home’s needs for power and product components to suit the requirements of each property. We carry a variety of backup options, including the most recent lithium deep cycle batteries and lead-acid solar batteries, which are paired with components for specific applications around new or existing solar PV installations. There are also standard-size lithium battery packs in the following capacities: 3kWh, 5kWh, 4kWh, and 2.5 kWh.

Each hybrid inverter system can supply 230v electricity to the home grid as required because most household appliances operate on 230v 50/60hz.

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Are Solar Panels Good For Me?

The fastest-growing renewable energy source in the world is solar pv panels for domestic use. The savings on your home’s electricity cost of up to £809 per 3 years average with a 12-panel solar system and a 5.2 kW battery, so it’s not surprising.

Having solar panels on your roof lets you become more self-sufficient from the National Grid, minimize your home’s environmental effects, and control how and when your energy is used. Call us at 1111-555-000 to discuss your needs if you are seeking a solar panels with battery storage scotland.

How Much Could I Save With Solar Panels?

One of the most reasonable and energy-efficient ways to produce electricity for your home is by using solar energy.
Our annual use of 4,800 kWh5 and an electricity price of 28p/kWh6, with a south-facing roof (35° pitch and no shade).The potential savings, including SEG payments, are shown below for a system with 6 to 16 solar panels. You can get the most out of your energy storage by purchasing top-notch home battery storage from us.

What Do We Offer?

At Affordable Heating, we offer you the best home solar panels with battery storage systems. The battery packs make use of 3.2kWh Lithium-Ion LiFePO4 battery store modules. Also, we have 2.5 kWh, 3KWh, 5 kWh, and 4kWh battery systems at the best price.

Costs Less Than You Think

A solar panel system costs as little as £5,995. There are various financing alternatives available to us.

Greener Tomorrow

Using solar power to power your home minimizes your carbon footprint and the number of fossil fuels you use.

More flexibility

Creating your energy allows you to be more self-sufficient. Additionally, you can be paid for extra exports back to the Grid

Keeping Extra Energy

A battery, which starts at £3,330, allows you to save money by storing excess energy generated during the day.

Solar Packages

2.5kW Solar Package With Installation

Est. Annual Savings:

Avg Daily Energy:
22.5kWh (units)

What’s included in the package

2.5kW Solar Package With Installation

Est. Annual Savings:

Avg Daily Energy:
22.5kWh (units)

What’s included in the package

2.5kW Solar Package With Installation

Est. Annual Savings:

Avg Daily Energy:
22.5kWh (units)

What’s included in the package


We partner with the top manufacturers and brands of solar panels and
solar inverters to give you the best performing solution.

The Best Solar PV + battery

Keep the Lights On to Save Money. We passed on the savings obtained from manufacturer promotions to you, and these are actual discounts offered for a brief period. So, get now the best affordable home battery storage system. You’re welcome to surf the internet but serve because only a few of these prices are left.

4kw Solar System With Battery Storage Systems

The Affordable Heating battery comes in 3.6kW and 5kW variants and is the perfect retrofit option for homeowners with a 4kW or 6kW solar panel installation. It is highly efficient because the hybrid inverter may be directly charged from your solar panels and converts your PV DC electricity into AC to feed into the mains. So, install Glasgow solar panels with battery storage.

We are an Award Winning, Trusted, Regulated & Trust Pilot Reviewed Company.

Have Question Before Hiring Solar Instllaer + With Battery

The UK receives more than enough solar energy to make solar panels for your home a wise investment, even on overcast days.
Germany, one of the world’s top solar energy producers, and the UK both receive about the same amount of solar energy from the sun.

Adding a battery to your package enables you to store energy created during the day and utilize it whenever you want, making your home more self-sufficient and saving you money. You can add a solar battery for about £3,330 to your bundle.

Standard solar panel installations do not need planning clearance because adding solar panels to your home is considered a “Permitted Development” and is therefore exempt from this need.
If your property is a world heritage site, a listed building, or the installation doesn’t follow regular regulations, you need to get planning clearance.

Your home is ideal for solar panel installation regardless of whether your roof faces south, east, or west. North-facing roofs won’t get as much sunshine and won’t be as effective.

Your roof should have a pitch of 200 to 500. So, get now small solar panels with battery storage systems from the best energy supplier.

We provide both rooftop and inside solar panels. Instead of the more common silver frames, our on-roof solar panels have black frames that fit on top of your roof tiles, allowing for maximum absorption of solar energy while maintaining a beautiful roof.

The in-roof panels take the place of the roof tiles, enabling them to sit flush and offer your home a contemporary, streamlined appearance.

On our solar panels’ website, you can learn more about this battery storage with solar panels

and the packages we offer.

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