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System Boiler Installation

Need a new system boiler installation? Then Affordable Heating offers an instant, quick, and easy-to-install boiler ideal for large families. We assure you it will keep your home warm in the winter.

New System Boiler Installation

If you’re looking to install cheap system boilers in your house, we strive to offer a wide range of high-quality items from some of the top manufacturers. A system boiler, like a combination boiler or a standard boiler, is present in larger homes with a higher need for heating and hot water.

System Boilers by Affordable Heating are also sealed-system boilers that are helpful in various residences, especially those with higher-than-average hot water demands. These boilers supply heating and hot water by utilizing an additional storage cylinder. Typically, homes with several bathrooms and a higher demand for hot water use them. If still confused, contact us and find a suitable boiler installation option. 

We’ll provide you with a quote for gas system boiler pricing in just a few minutes if you use our simple online tool, and we’ll propose the best Worcester Bosch system boiler for your home.

Upgrade Your Boiler With A New Installation From Affordable Heating

Baxi Megaflow 15 Gas

Price: £1539

incl. fitting, Expenses & labour

The Megaflo 15 system boiler is perfect for homes that need an efficient, high-quality central heating source with the style and performance you desire. The direct Fahrenheit warms water in your storage cylinder so every room has hot showers or baths whenever they want one!

Ideal Logic Max

Price: £1769

incl. fitting, Expenses & labour

Ideal’s new market leading offering, the Logic Max Heat Only is a high quality natural gas boiler that has been upgraded with their best features and benefits. This unit includes all of those seen on our top selling model “Logic+heat” but also comes equipped with an ErP 22mm brass system filter which will prevent clogging in any pipes or valves throughout your home- it straight outta box.

Why Choose Affordable Heating

We at Affordable Heating are honored to partner with top boiler manufacturers. Also, we install LGP, gas, and electric boiler in Paisley, Glasgow, and Johnstone. So, get the ideal system boiler replacement and installation at an affordable price at your home instantly!


We fully guarantee all our boilers with a manufacturer's warranty.

Quote for Fixed Price

We tell you real system boiler prices. You pay for what we say.

Gas Safe Certified

We are a Gas Safe-qualified business, and each of our heating engineers is individually approved.

Highly reputable

We have several years of expertise working in the Glasgow central heating industry.

Worcester Bosch 4000 LPG

Price: £1909

incl. fitting, Expenses & labour

The Greenstar 4000 12kW System Boiler is a great choice for those who need an efficient and quiet boiler. This new model has many features which make it easy to use, yet still provide all of your home’s heating needs in one package!

Baxi Megaflo 28

Price: £1859

incl. fitting, Expenses & labour

The sleek, contemporary design of this Baxi 228 combi 2 boiler is perfect for those who want an easy-to use product with all the essentials – including separate heating and hot water controls. Its innovative features make maintenance simple too!

We are an Award Winning, Trusted, Regulated & Trust Pilot Reviewed Company.

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Have Question Before System boilerr Installer In Glasgow

Your boiler survey will help the Expert determine what will be needed to finish the installation, how long it will take, the best appliance to use, and all necessary parts. The quote will then be made available to you. Our time estimate for the survey is up to one hour with an affordable system boiler installation cost.

The type of work you have done will determine the answer. It usually takes up to a day for a simple installation (such as a combi for combi changeover). The installation time will increase if your system converts or installs more pipes and radiators. Still confused about how to replace the system boiler with combi, contact us. We will guide you more about this during your survey. 

A system boiler is a pressurized boiler that, like a combi boiler, stores hot water in an unvented cylinder. As a result of the pressurized hot water, utilizing several hot water taps and showers at once doesn’t cause a noticeable decrease in flow rate.

The size of a system boiler you require determines how many bathrooms, rooms, radiators, and hot water taps are used simultaneously in your home.

A boiler between 12 and 18 kWs will likely be required if you have one to two bedrooms. You will want a boiler between 18 and 30 kWs if you have three to four bedrooms. 

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