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Electric Car Charger Home Installation

Affordable Heating offers Electric Car Charger Home Installation with the right electrical experts who will make home charging for your electric vehicle simple. We provide everything from installation to energy supply on one platform. When required, we also provide a unique EV charger point design and service of installation that covers the ground and electric work. 

How Do We Utilize An EV Charger for your Electric Vehicles

We have a professional team of local engineers who utilize EV chargers for the EV charger installation of your car. Installing process takes no time or a limited time. Also, the cost of the charger is also affordable. If you own a cable or a charging cable, the home installation will be much easier than you think.

Our services and EV charger hold a strong name in the EV market. Moreover, we make your car dependent on electricity supply, not on heavy bills. The cost of diesel or petrol is gradually increasing, that’s why our idea is even stronger.

At Affordable Heating, we have OZEV-certified Electric Car Charging Station Installers who will install your EV charging point’s hand-to hand-at your home in Glasgow, Paisley, and John stone. 

How to Charge an Electric Car At Home

Now Affordable Heating provides EV charging at home with your convenience. Electric car charging is the process of supplying power to the vehicle’s battery using EV charging equipment. To charge an EV, a charging station at home connects to the power grid. Electric vehicle supply equipment is what EV charging stations are known as technically (EVSE).

EV owners have the option of charging at home, in public, or at their place of employment. Most of our clients demand us for Level 2 charging because of its fast speed.

The challenging aspect in the EV charger installation at home is the installation. However, you can make the procedure simple using Affordable Heating. We can provide you with an estimate and that includes submitting rebate applications on your behalf. After you contact us, we’ll give you a quote right away. Trust our experienced engineers and installation process.

Cost of Electric Car Charger for Home Installation

If you wish to have Home Electric Car Charger Installation, then you must know that the 7.2 kiloWatt (kW) AC model is the most prevalent form at this time. However, we have cheaper and slower available as well, but they are not really worth it. Due to their typical properties, it becomes difficult to charge with them. 

Three-pin plugs are best used in emergencies only because they not only take a very long time (24 hours or more) to fully charge your electric vehicle. Also, they weren’t actually to manage the tremendous demand an EV demand when charging.

The majority of businesses combine the cost of the charger and installation into one, so the cost you see advertised is normally the amount you will be paying to the installer. However, complex installations, like those in which the main fuse board, can be more expensive.

A Partner You Can Trust – Affordable Heating

Stop searching for an “Electric Car Charger Home Installation Near Me” because Affordable Heating is one of the most trustworthy options you can rely on. Every other week, many people in Glasgow, Paisley, and John Stone trust us for their Electric Car Charger Installation At Home. Having a charger installed by us is quick and straightforward, and we’re there to help you at every step of the process. 

If you reside in a rented property, you’ll have to get permission from your landlord if you want a charge point installed. We can book your appointment instantly.

Our installation costs are affordable and do not make you go far from your budget, which is why many people around the UK rely on us. You can also trust us for your Electric Car Charger Home Installation. We offer brands like Pod Point, Zappi, Wallbox, Ohme, Rolec, and Andersen.

Benefits of Charging Your EV At Home with Affordable Heating

You might be reluctant to install a home charger after getting an electric car because it will add to your expenses. However, placing your charger at home has several advantages.

  • Convenient And Safer

The best location to charge an electric vehicle is at home, as many owners of electric vehicles have discovered. EV charging at home is much convenient. Since you own the charger installed by Electric Car Charging Point Installers, you have complete control over it.

  • Cheaper Option

As because you do not incur the overhead associated with public charging stations, charging your electric vehicle at home is less expensive. There are, however, many ways to reduce the cost of your home charge.

  • Increase The Value Of Your Property

Home charger-equipped properties are in high demand. They can rent out or sell their property more quickly and even charge more because.

Levels of an electric car
charging levels

Level 1 charging

Level 1 charging consists of nothing more than plugging into a regular socket. If you're using it domestically, level 1 charging can be handy but charges very slowly. Moreover, it provides just about 5 miles of range per hour (RPH). Many people don't prefer level 1 charging for their EV.

Level 2 charging

Using a charging station that is mounted to a wall, pole, or stands on the ground to charge your EV is known as level 2 charging. You can frequently find Level 2 chargers in residential and commercial settings due to their affordability and charging efficiency. We recommend Level 2 charging.

Level 2 charging

Level 3 charging, referred to as fast charging, and provides more power, perfect for short-stop places like fleet depots and service stations. Level 3 chargers are much faster than Level 1 and Level 2 charging stations. The power output of Level 3 charging is far more than Level 2 charging.

All Major Vehicle Manufacturers Supported

Featured Rivian EV Residential Installations


Have Question Before Hiring Ev Charger Installer in Glasgow

Normally, purchasing and installing an electric car charging station on your property could set you back between £800 and $1,200. No matter where you live in the UK, using an installation from the firm that is selling you a charging station will cost you the same amount.

No, don’t try to install an EV charger yourself unless you’re an electrician with experience doing so. Always work with a licensed and competent installation. 

We offer brands like Pod Point, Zappi, Wallbox, Ohme, Rolec, and Andersen.

Although you may use a standard domestic 3-pin outlet to charge, what we call a dedicated home EV charger is by far the superior choice. Around 7kW of electricity is normally delivered by dedicated EV home chargers.

If you ever plan to have an EV charger installation at home, you should only choose a licensed electrician. Both EV chargers at work and those at home must comply with this. In reality, an installer from a qualified company like Affordable Heating is an appropriate option.  

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