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Combi Boiler Installation & Replacement

Are you looking for secure and reliable combi boiler installation And Replacement? Then Affordable Heating is here, providing you with an efficient and economical solution. So, install a combi boiler and get hot water instantly!

New combi Boiler Installation

A combination boiler, sometimes known as a “combi,” combines a water heater and a central heating system into one compact machine. Combi boilers don’t need cold water storage tanks or hot water storage cylinders like system boilers or conventional (heat only) boilers. Instead, they use a single boiler that can heat and supply cold water.

Combi boilers heat water from the mains water supply to provide hot water whenever you turn on a hot water tap. So, get the best combi boiler price and installation at Affordable Heating.

Our A-rated gas combi boilers are an excellent alternative for most homes. We ensure to provide you with portable, simple-to-install, and come in various sizes and outputs. Also, we have the best for you whether you need an LPG, electric, or gas combi boiler. Our boilers are also compatible with various fuel sources.

Upgrade Your Boiler With A New Combi Installation From Affordable Heating

Worcester Bosch 4000 Gas

Price: £1900

incl. fitting, Expenses & labour

The Greenstar 4000 25kW Combination Boiler is the direct upgrade for it’s predecessor, with many features to help you save money on your heating and hot water needs. It operates extremely well in low pressure areas thanks its innovative ‘Quick Tap’ function that reduces waste by giving users quick access when they need more fluids without having wait around forever like before.

Ideal Logic Max C30

Price: £2019

incl. fitting, Expenses & labour

Ideal’s new flagship range, the Ideal Logic Max C30 is an exceptional natural gas and LPG boiler. The high quality 22mm brass system filter makes it perfect for any home with tight spaces or limited plumbing facilities that need heat sources such as hospitals! This lightweight design also means you can install this without worrying about adding too much weight onto your ceilings – making sure there are no pipes rusty from old age being bent out-of kilter by extreme temperatures changeovers between day & night time modes

Why Buy A New Combi Boiler?

Are you looking for a safe boiler installer? Affordable Heating offers you all you need. We have an expert who provides electric combi boiler heating systems in Paisley, Glasgow, and Johnstone. So, choose wisely your new Boiler online!


We provide the best Boiler at the market pricing because of our solid ties with boiler manufacturers.

Gas Safe and

We check all gas safe registered engineer in your area. Call Support right now for your boiler fitting.


We provide our clients with a 10 years guarantee by British Gas and the manufacturer's warranty.

Excellent Energy Efficiency

Our combi boilers are A-rated for efficiency, which means that water is only heated when you need it.

Worcester Bosch 4000 LPG

Price: £2109

incl. fitting, Expenses & labour

The Greenstar 4000 25kW LPG Combination Boiler is the direct upgrade for it’s predecessor, and can be used in small-to medium sized homes with one bathroom. It features a modern new design that comes complete of an easy text display which helps users save money on their gas bills as well water by only heating what you need instead wasting some away due to excess pressure or insufficient flow rates when taking full advantage during peak times so there won’t necessarily ever have any cold baths again.

Baxi 228 Combi

Price: £1319

incl. fitting, Expenses & labour

The sleek, contemporary design of this Baxi 228 combi 2 boiler is perfect for those who want an easy-to use product with all the essentials – including separate heating and hot water controls. Its innovative features make maintenance simple too!

We are an Award Winning, Trusted, Regulated & Trust Pilot Reviewed Company.

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Have Question Before Combi boiler installer In Glasgow?

Condensing boilers are now standard on all new gas boilers, including combi, conventional, and system models. A combi-condensing boiler safely captures waste gases vented through a flue and uses them to heat water, conserving fuel and energy. It is a more energy efficient boiler and environmentally friendly than non-condensing boilers. The word “condensing” boilers refer to the process wherein flue gases is finally used to release water vapors.

The finest combi boiler fulfills your needs while also being energy efficient. We advise purchasing an A-rated boiler, such as an Affordable Heating combi boiler. They are strong, effective, and cost- and energy-effective. We provide combi boiler and installation and boiler replacement at the best price!

The cost of a combination boiler depends on several variables, such as the size of your home, how much hot water you require, the water pressure in your area, and heat loss. A combi boiler cost and installation are up to £1,995, and the price includes installation and fitting of the combi boiler. Along with four years of interest-free credit, we also provide flexible payment alternatives for combi boiler costs.

Affordable Heating combi new boilers last for 10 to 15 years. The make, model, and maintenance greatly impact how long it lasts, and some well-maintained Affordable Heating boilers are still going strong after 22 years. Also, we provide our clients with 10 years warranty with fixed price combi boiler installation.

If you’re interested in installing a new combi boiler or are having problems with the one you already have, use our free estimate service immediately.

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